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How to read the Get-A-Quote.net screen

The screen below shows a sample costbook page for paint removal in the National Construction Estimator costbook. Notice that the top frame contains an item description and cost lines are in the bottom frame.

2004 National Construction Estimator

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Paint Removal, Lead-Based and Surface Preparation (p. 226) Dustless removal of lead-based paints. The removal system is a mechanical process and no water, chemicals or abrasive grit are used. Containment or special ventilation is not required.
  Craft@Hrs Unit Material Labor Equipment Total
   Paint removal (assumes doors are laying flat)            
      80 SF per hour PT@.038 SF -- 1.12 .64 1.76

The column headings below the item description you'll see column headings for the individual cost lines:

  • Craft@Hrs craft (the crew doing the work) and manhours (to complete the task 
  • Unit unit of measure, such a per linear foot (LF) or per square foot (SF)
  • Material material cost
  • Labor labor cost
  • Equipment equipment cost
  • Total the total for all cost columns

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