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The Craft@Hrs Column

Get-A-Quote cost lines include a column titled Craft@Hrs. Letters and numbers in this column show our estimates of:

  • Who will do the work (the craft code)

  • An @ symbol which means at

  • How long the work will take (manhours).

Craft@Hrs Unit Material Labor Total
   BD plywood sheathing, wall          
      1/2" B1@.016 SF .67 .41 1.08
      5/8" B1@.018 SF .81 .47 1.28

The Craft@Hrs column column  


Example: Sheathing costs with the Craft@Hrs column highlighted.

For example, in Get-A-Quote you'll find estimates for installing BD plywood wall sheathing by the square foot. The Craft@Hrs column for 1/2" plywood wall sheathing shows:


That means we estimate the installation rate for crew B1 at .016 manhours per square foot. That's the same as 16 manhours per 1,000 square feet.

The Craft Code table defines each of the craft codes. Notice that crew B1 is composed of two craftsmen: one laborer and one carpenter. To install 1,000 square feet of 1/2" BD wall sheathing at .016 manhours per square foot, that crew would need 16 manhours (one 8-hour day for a crew of two).

Notice also that the Craft Code table lists the the cost per manhour for crew B1 as $25.86. That's the average for a residential laborer ($23.22  per hour) and a residential carpenter ($28.49 per hour):  $23.22 plus $28.49 is $51.71. Divide by 2 to get $25.86, the average cost per manhour for crew B1. 

For more information on hourly wages for individual trades, see the residential labor chart and the commercial labor chart.

In the Craft Code table, the cost per manhour is the sum of hourly costs of all crew members divided by the number of crew members. Thatís the average cost per manhour.

Costs in the Labor column in Get-A-Quote are the installation time (in manhours) multiplied by the cost per manhour. For example, Get-A-Quote lists the labor cost for installing 1/2" BD wall sheathing as $.41 per square foot. That's the installation time (.016 manhours per square foot) multiplied by $25.86, the average cost per manhour for crew B1.

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