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Material Costs

Material Costs for each item are listed in the column headed "Material." These are neither retail nor wholesale prices. They are estimates of what most contractors who buy in moderate volume will pay suppliers. Discounts may be available for purchases in larger volumes. See the example below:

Craft@Hrs Unit Material Labor Total
   Type TA terminal adapters          
     1/2" Adapter E4@.065 Ea .29 2.53 2.82
     3/4" Adapter E4@.081 Ea .54 3.15 3.69

The material cost column  


Example: Electrical costs with the material column highlighted.

Add Delivery Expense to the material cost for other than local delivery of reasonably large quantities. Cost of delivery varies with the distance from source of supply, method of transportation, and quantity to be delivered. But most material dealers absorb the delivery cost on local delivery (5 to 15 miles) of larger quantities to good customers. Add the expense of job site delivery when it is a significant part of the material cost.

Add Sales Tax when sales tax will be charged to the contractor buying the materials.

Waste and Coverage loss is included in the installed material cost. The cost of many materials per unit after installation is greater than the purchase price for the same unit because of waste, shrinkage or coverage loss during installation. For example, about 120 square feet of nominal 1" x 4" square edge boards will be needed to cover 100 square feet of floor or wall. There is no coverage loss with plywood sheathing, but waste due to cutting and fitting will average about 6%.

Costs in the "Material" column of Get-A-Quote assume normal waste and coverage loss. Small and irregular jobs may require a greater waste allowance. Materials priced without installation (with no labor cost) do not include an allowance for waste and coverage except as noted. 

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