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Equipment Costs

Equipment Costs for major equipment (such as cranes and tractors) are listed in the column headed "Equipment." Costs for small tools and expendable supplies (such as saws and tape) are usually considered overhead expense and do not appear in the Equipment cost column.

Craft@Hrs Unit Material Labor Equipment Total
   Paint removal (assumes doors are laying flat)
      80 SF per hour PT@.038 SF -- 1.12 .64 1.76

The equipment cost column    


Example: Paint removal costs with the
equipment cost column highlighted.

Equipment costs are based on rental rates and assume that the equipment can be used productively for an entire 8-hour day. Add the cost of moving equipment on and off the site. Allow for unproductive time when equipment can't be used for the full rental period. For example, the equipment costs per unit of work completed will be higher when a tractor is used for 4 hours during a day and sits idle for the remaining 4 hours. Generally, an 8-hour day is the minimum rental period for most heavy equipment. Many sections describe the equipment being used, the cost per hour and a suggested minimum job charge.

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