2013 National Electrical Estimator

Material costs, manhours and installed costs for all common electrical work.

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The National Electrical Estimator Includes Prices in the Following Subjects
Assemblies EMT Circuits, Flex Circuits, GRS Circuits, PVC Circuits, Receptacles, Switches

EMT Conduit Exposed

Flex Conduit Liquid-tight, Non-metallic, P&C Duct

PVC Conduit End Bells, Schedule 40 PVC, Schedule 80 PVC

Rigid Conduit Aluminum, Couplings, IMC, Nipples, PVC coated, Steel, Terminations

Conduit Bodies Covers, PVC Coated

Fittings 45 Degree Elbows, 45 Degree Flex Connectors, 90 Degree Elbows, Bushings, Cabinet Connectors, Capped Elbows, Caps, Conduit Connectors, Couplings, Die Cast, Elbows, Insulated, Locknuts, Malleable, PVC, PVC Coated, Set Screw Couplings, Unions

Hangers Beam Clamps, Clamps, PVC Coated

Wire Aluminum, Cable, Cable Connectors, Connectors, Copper, Entrance Cable, Flexible Cord, Grounding, Lugs, Non-metallic, Romex, Telephone Cable, Underground, Weatherproof, XLP

Outlet Boxes Box covers, Clips, Fiberglass, Floor boxes, Galvanized, Handy Boxes, Junction Boxes, Non-metallic, Octagon Boxes, Plates, Pull Boxes, PVC, Sheet Metal, Single Gang, Utility, Weatherproof

Light Fixtures Ballasts, Canopy, Ceiling, Dimmer, Entrance, Exterior, Floodlights, Fluorescent Fixtures, High Intensity, High Pressure Sodium, Incandescent, Lamps, Industrial, Lens, Low-pressure sodium, Mercury Vapor, Metal Halide, Poles, Prismatic Lens, Recessed, Utility, Wall, Wraparound

Wiring Devices Commercial Switches, Outlet Receptacles, Receptacles, Residential Switches

Service Entrance Breakers, Caps, Cartridge Fuses, Fuses, Panelboards, Meter Sockets

Raceway Bus Duct, Cable Tray, Dropouts, Duct, Galvanized, One Piece Raceways, Ladder Tray, End Caps, Overfloor, Louvered Cable Tray, Plug-in Bus Duct, Tee Duct, Two Piece Steel Raceway, Underfloor Duct, Underfloor Raceway, Wireway

Signal Systems Clocks, Communications Cable, Sirens

Equipment Hookup Motors

Switches AC Magnetic Starters, Heavy Duty, Open Type Contactors, Open Type Starters, Overload Relays, Photoelectric, Pressure, Safety Switches, Starters, Weatherproof

These construction costs available in both book and CD-ROM

All of the costs used on this site come from the Craftsman Book Company cost estimating library. Find out more about the cost estimating guides offered by Craftsman Book Company as books and on CD-ROM.

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