2013 National Painting Cost Estimator

Estimated costs for painting any surface with any coating -- by brush, spray or roller.

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The National Painting Cost Estimator Includes Prices in the Following Subjects
Residential work Baseboard, Beams, Bookcases and shelves, Brick, Cabinets, Ceilings, Closets, Concrete block, Door trim, Doors, Downspouts, Drywall ceilings, Drywall walls, Entrances, Fence, Fireplaces, Flashing, Floors, Gutters & downspouts, Gypsum drywall ceilings, Gypsum drywall walls, Masonry, Molding, Newels, Orange peel texture, Panel doors, Plaster walls, interior, Plaster, exterior, Railing, Resawn, Roof, Roofing, Rough sawn, Sand finish texture, Sheet metal, Shelves, Shingles, Siding, Smooth finish texture, Steps, Stucco, Tongue and groove, Walls, gypsum drywall, Walls, interior plaster, Walls, wood panel, Window, Windows, Wood floors, Wood siding, Wrought iron

Industrial and Institutional work Canvas, Decking and siding, Doors, metal, Ductwork, Hoppers, Masonry, Piping, Pre-primed, Sandblast, Silos, Structural Steel, Tanks, Vessel, Walls

Wallcovering Commercial wallcover, Flexible wood sheet, Hand-pasted wallcovering, Vinyl wallcovering, Wall fabric, Wallpaper, Wood veneer

These construction costs available in both book and CD-ROM

All of the costs used on this site come from the Craftsman Book Company cost estimating library. Find out more about the cost estimating guides offered by Craftsman Book Company as books and on CD-ROM.

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