2013 National Plumbing & HVAC Estimator

Manhours, labor and material costs for residential and commercial plumbing & HVAC.

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The National Plumbing & HVAC Estimator Includes Prices in the Following Subjects:
Assemblies Compressed air systems, Equipment rental, Budget estimates, Potable water systems, Process systems, Rough-ins, Vent systems, Waste systems

Pipe Brazed joint pipe, Cast iron DWV pipe, hub and spigot, Cast iron DWV pipe, no-hub, Cast iron mechanical joint DWV, Cast iron sprinkler pipe, threaded, Copper pipe, DWV, soldered, Copper pipe, type K brazed, Copper pipe, type K soldered, Copper pipe, type L brazed, Copper pipe, type L soldered, Copper pipe, type M brazed, Copper pipe, type M soldered, CPVC sprinkler pipe, Drain, waste. vent pipe, DWV pipe, Fire protection, Hanger assemblies, Insulation pipe, Irrigation systems, PE-AL pipe, PEX-AL pipe, Pipe insulation, Polypropylene DWV pipe, Polyvinyl chloride pipe, PVC sewer pipe, bell & spigot, PVC schedule 40 pipe, PVC schedule 80 pipe, Sch. 40, Sch. 40 carbon steel pipe, Sch. 80, Sch. 80 carbon steel pipe, Soldered joint fittings, Soldered joint pipe, Solvent-joint weld pipe, Sprinkler systems, Steel pipe, Sch. 10 roll-grooved, Steel pipe, Sch. 160, Steel pipe, Sch. 40, Steel pipe, Sch. 40 cut-grooved, Steel pipe, Sch. 40 roll-grooved, Steel pipe, Sch. 40 threaded, Steel pipe, Sch. 40 welded, Steel pipe, Sch. 80 threaded, Steel pipe, Sch. 80 welded

Fittings Adapters, Area drains, Bends, Bolt and gasket sets, Bushings, Caps, Carbon steel fittings, Closet flanges, Combinations, Companion flanges, Cleanouts, Couplings, Crosses, Ductile iron fittings, Elbows, ductwork, Ells, Flange and gaskets, Flanges, Flanges, companion, Gaskets, Malleable iron fittings, Nipples, Plugs, P-traps, Reducers, Riser clamps, Specialties, Tees, Threadolets, Unions, Weldolets, Wyes

Fixtures Bar sinks, Bathtubs, Doors, Drains, Drinking fountains, Floor drains, Floor sinks, Interceptors, Kitchen equipment, Molded stone, Pressure gauges, Pumps, Service sinks, Showers, Sinks, Strainers, Thermometers, Urinals, Water closets, Water heaters

Valves Ball valves, Butterfly valves, Check valves, Control valves, Gate valves, Globe valves, Silent check valves, Swing check valves

HVAC Air balancing, Air conditioning condensate systems, Air handling units, Boilers, Booster heaters, Chilled water systems, Chillers, Chemical systems, Condenser water systems, Connections, Cooling towers, Dampers, Diffusers, Duct insulation, Ductwork, fiberglass, Ductwork, galvanized steel, Fan coil units, Fans, Fiberglass ductwork, Galvanized steel ductwork, Grilles, Heat exchanges, Heat recovery systems, Hot water systems, HVAC balancing, HVAC equipment, HVAC systems, Refrigeration systems, Reheat coils, Unit heaters

These construction costs available in both book and CD-ROM

All of the costs used on this site come from the Craftsman Book Company cost estimating library. Find out more about the cost estimating guides offered by Craftsman Book Company as books and on CD-ROM.

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