Estimated labor and material costs for framing and finish carpentry work

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The National Framing and Finish Carpentry Estimator Includes Prices in the Following Subjects
Estimating Framing and Finish CarpentryCost, Crews, Modifications

Tools for Every Carpentry Estimatorboard foot, Lumber waste, Dress waste,

The Floor SystemSubflooring, Posts and girders, Floor joists Girders and beams, Foundation plates, Header joists Blocking, Plywood flooring, Floor adhesives

The Wall SystemPlates, Studs, Wind bracing Wall sheathing, Stud walls, Wall openings Gable studs, Corners and tees, Wall sheathing Nailers and furring strips

The Ceiling SystemCeiling joists, Ceiling-finish nailers, Engineered ceiling beams Cost estimates, Ceiling joists,

The Roof SystemRoof slope, Rafters, Interior roof supports Roof sheathing, Attic ventilation, Trusses Rafters, Roof sheathing,

Estimating Nail QuantitiesFlooring nail quantities, Studs, Siding nail quantities Roofing nail quantities

The Board-Foot-Per-Square-Foot Take-Off Method

Finish CarpentryWindows, Exterior doors, Wall paneling Wall molding, Interior doors, frames and trim, Kitchen cabinets Countertops, Wood flooring, Ceiling sheathing Interior trim labor, Hardboard flooring,

Wood StairwaysStair carriages, Tread width and riser height, Estimating stairways Basement and main stairways

Porches and DecksSolid floor porches, Tread width and riser height, Decks

Pole and Timber Construction

Demolition and RemodelingRemoving a partition, Adding a partition, Flooring and roof cover demolition Window repairs, Adding walls and joists

These construction costs available in both book and CD-ROM

All of the costs used on this site come from the Craftsman Book Company cost estimating library. Find out more about the cost estimating guides offered by Craftsman Book Company as books and on CD-ROM.

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